Why choose IVF abroad?

Why choose IVF abroad?

Why choose IVF abroad?

What are the benefits of choosing an IVF clinic abroad?

IVF as we know is a costly treatment if you’re residing within the US, at an average it costs $12,000 per treatment within the US and most insurance companies won’t cover fertility treatments. You could be saving thousands of dollars if you decide to do it outside the USA in any other country. You could be paying around 25% of the cost in other countries as you’d be paying in the US and the quality of treatment and facilities are not so different. Keeping in mind the factors, such as traveling cost, taking off from your job and other factors it is still a viable and affordable option to seek treatment abroad.

Is it safe going abroad for IVF?

This is the major question that concerns many couples, it also depends where you are going, and you need to make a thorough research in this matter. Contact the treatment providers in country of your choice and ask as many questions as you’d like and confirm it from a variety of sources until you’re satisfied with the information. There are IVF clinics in Thailand that offer the same quality of treatment for a very low cost. If going to Thailand is not your cup of tea, you can visit Canada, a single IVF cycle in Canada would cost half the cost of what you’d pay at the US for the same cycle that would be around $6,000.

Going to Australia and the UK will also cost less than what you’d pay in the US, there are several clinics in countries like India that offer the same IVF services for a very low cost. Even with insurance coverage medical treatments are very costly in the US, people go to different countries for different medical procedures, and going for fertility treatments should make no difference. The safety and other concerns can only be addressed if you make a thorough research, check how long the clinic has been doing IVF, speak to their patients and clients, how long they have been in the business and how good they are rated for it.

What to consider when going for IVF abroad

There are many countries that offer IVF at a very affordable cost as compared to US; Turkey, Russia, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Finland and Poland are among the countries that offer very good IVF treatments that are well-renowned. Therefore, countries in Europe are a popular choice for American citizens, you also need to see the country law regarding IVF, safety and regulations, and finally the cost. Cost is usually a decisive factor, but other things to see are IVF laws in that particular country, is IVF regulated in that country, is it easy to travel to and within that country, and finally the total cost of your trip and treatment included.

Many American women are traveling abroad to get IVF treatment done, these are also known as “IVF holidays”, being on a holiday also takes off psychological stress and makes it easier for the patient to go through IVF treatment. This point can’t be ignored as IVF is a stressful treatment, a survey shows that about 12% American women in the ages 15 to 44 have difficulty in getting pregnant. There are many factors that influence that, but that is a separate topic. Therefore, IVF is a very common assisted fertility treatment in the US. IVF isn’t cheap in the US and if a woman has to use a donor egg or donor sperm that costs even more, a single cycle can cost around $15,000.

Usually receiving egg from a donor for IVF in many cases isn’t covered by insurance, instead of that if you go to Czech Republic, IVF treatment with a donor egg would cost around $10,000 and top of that you can get a vacation out of it. We would insist though you always consider the factors, and make a thorough research before taking any decision of going for IVF abroad. It is definitely better to consider going abroad when it comes to affordability. And if you have to go through more than one IVF cycle to conceive a child that costs even more in the US. Going for IVF abroad is still a personal choice and it is a viable and convenient option for many couples seeking IVF.