The World´s Top 10 IVF Destinations

The World´s Top 10 IVF Destinations

The World´s Top 10 IVF Destinations

Many couples consider traveling outside of the US for IVF treatment, the reason being cost is much lower across the Europe, Russia, India and Thailand, insurance companies in the US usually don’t cover fertility treatments, and paying at an average of $15,000 per IVF cycle is not feasible for most people. Therefore, many couples seek in-vitro fertilization in other countries. While safety and reliability is a concern for many couples, if you make thorough research and go to places that are recommended by doctors and experts the standard of treatment and the quality is pretty much the same for a comparably very low price.

Here are listed world’s top 10 destinations for IVF treatment:


Spain is a very popular destination for IVF, here is why, the latest advances and techniques in IVF are available in Spain, many UK patients have been traveling to Spain for treatment and it is a popular destination for people living in the UK and Europe. The legal framework in this country makes the treatment available to anyone entering the country. Women over the age of 18 regardless of their martial status can make use of the IVF treatment in Spain. These relaxed laws are probably one of the major driving factors. In many clinics, language barrier is not a thing, and egg donors are readily available.

Czech Republic

IVF clinics are well regulated in Czech Republic, there are over 30 clinics and the success rates for IVF are comparatively high in clinics operating in Czech Republic. The major factor which is the cost is quite reasonable in this country, IVF treatment starts for as low as 2500 euros, which is very less compared to what one pays in the UK. If egg donors are needed the cost may go slightly up. The clinics in Czech Republic are licensed and well monitored, the clinics are inspected at least every 2 years for quality and standard.


Greece is a beautiful destination as well as quite affordable option with many IVF clinics across the country. A single cycle of IVF costs around 3,000 euros, however, you do have to consider paying for accommodation, food and travel, but many people visit these countries when they have relatives living there. Summer is an expensive time to stay in Greece, so if you’re coming only for treatment consider fall or winter. The laws are quite relaxed, any woman under the age of 50 can go through the treatment and if eggs and sperm are donated that’s kept anonymous. You need to make your research and choose a clinic that is certified and is in business for many years. Language is not a problem as many doctors in Greece are fluent in English.


Turkey is a popular and affordable destination for IVF if you want to use your own eggs and sperm, but egg, sperm and embryo donation isn’t allowed, therefore, this factor must be kept in mind, only married couples can go through IVF in Turkey. Turkey adheres to government legislation on IVF treatment, embryos are allowed to be stored for many years, but only married couples can be treated that want to use their own eggs and sperm.


Many American couples consider going to Mexico for IVF treatment, savings are around 60% less than at home, doctors and clinics are certified and only practice with background checks. The cost on average for an IVF cycle is $3,500, apart from that Mexico is a popular tourist destination and accommodation and other aspects are very tourist friendly.


Cyprus is another well-travelled for destination for IVF, UK passport holders do not need a visa for entering Cyprus. Egg and sperm and embryo donation is allowed and is anonymous, there are no restrictions in Cyprus on who can and cannot be treated. Some clinics are regulated by the European Union and costs including egg donation can fall in around 4,500 euros.


Ukraine is a very affordable choice as compared to the UK and US, there are over 30 IVF clinics that are well regulated by the law. Egg and sperm donors are checked for a lot of health conditions, embryo donation is also legal. Costs are around the same as in Cyprus and Latvia. Along with accommodation and travel costs it is still pretty affordable.


Fertility treatments are quite successful in India, but the success of IVF treatment ranges in between 30% to 40% and if anyone claims more that’s a false claim and over claiming and over advertising can lead couples to making wrong decision. When ever going to a faraway country it is important to bear in mind that you have to make your thorough research, some private clinics can claim success rate to be 70% and 80% which is obviously a false claim. Traveling, accommodation and treatment in India is very low in terms of cost.

Other countries to consider for IVF treatment are France where married couples diagnosed with infertility can be provided with up to four free IVF treatments. Malaysia is also one of the top rated destinations for IVF just like Thailand, the costs are really low and many clinics are registered and regulated for safety and standard.