IVF in India: Everything you need to know

Have you ever considered India as a possible destination for IVF treatment? The facts suggest it may be worth a look. As you do your necessary research, here are some important considerations which may help you decide whether India is the right place for your IVF plans.

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As the demand for fertility treatment has increased worldwide, India has notably risen to the challenge. All the major hospitals in India provide IVF treatments resulting in a wide range of options available. If you are looking at India as a possible answer to your reproduction struggles, the following pointers could help you decide whether this country is suitable for your needs or not.

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Why choose India for your IVF experience?

Here are some of the advantages and benefits of choosing India for your IVF treatment:

  • Competitive Costs: As a result of the large number of treatment centres available throughout India, the costs are very competitive and affordable. In fact IVF costs can be up to three or four times less than in America or the UK.
  • World-Class Quality: Despite the low costs, the medical technology and treatment provided is of a very high standard. Doctors and medical staff are specialized and experienced, using the latest equipment.
  • International Communication: Medical staff members at Indian clinics are ready and able to communicate with international patients in English.
  • Physical and emotional support: Besides the physical treatment required by the infertile couple, most Indian clinics also provide emotional support in the form of counselling to help the couple through what could be a stressful and life changing procedure.

What are the legal aspects of IVF in India?

In 2010 the ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) Bill was drafted. It is still under discussion in parliament but in the meantime it serves as a guideline. Each state of India follows its own legal approach while most clinics follow the standards and practices of the international medical society. Here are some of the main legal aspects of IVF in India:

  • Egg and Sperm Donors: Donors are properly screened and free from Hepatitis B and C, HIV, hypertension, diabetes, STDs and any genetic disorders. Male sperm donors should be between the ages or 21 – 45 years, and female egg donors between the ages of 18 – 35years.
  • Confidentiality: All donor and recipient records are kept strictly confidential. At the age of 18, a child may request certain details of a donor, but not the name and address.
  • Surrogacy: Since 2002 commercial surrogacy is legal in India and many infertile couples are gravitating towards this country to pursue their dreams of obtaining a baby through surrogacy. A Surrogacy Contract is brokered between both parties with the oversight and assistance of the attending clinic, according to the ART guidelines.

India’s sprawling capital city of Delhi is easy to access with international flights and accommodation is also readily available. The best time to come to Delhi for your IVF treatment could be from October to March. You might want to avoid the very hot monsoon season which is from June to September.

This eastern city on the Bay of Bengal is another great option for assisted reproduction treatment. The climate is hot and humid, with the best travel periods being December- January and May-June. If you are there in Dec-Jan you may enjoy the Marghazi Festival of Music and Dance.

A wide range of IVF treatments are available in Bangalore, along with many sights and attractions in this central southern Indian city. When you have time to relax between your clinic appointments you can visit the Bangalore Palace which is reminiscent of Windsor Castle in England. Or take a stroll around the Krishnarajendra Market or the Botanical Gardens. And if you want to see some tigers, lions and elephants, then the Bannerghatta Biological Park is the place for you.

India’s largest city is located on the west coast and is renowned for the Bollywood film industry. Whilst movies are being made in Mumbai, many couples are unfolding their own exciting life stories as they seek IVF treatment at the fertility clinics in the city. While you are there, take the opportunity to visit the Gateway of India stone arch at the harbour which was built in 1924. Or browse through the bazaars and markets for some antiques, textiles or jewellery.

As a major centre of technology, Hyderabad is well equipped with top quality medical facilities which provide assisted reproduction services. If you choose Hyderabad as your fertility tourism destination, you will find this city is located along both sides of the Musi river, in terrain that is marked by hills and lakes.

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