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Embarking on the IVF journey is something one cannot take lightly. It is therefore essential to do some proper research before deciding where exactly in the world to pursue your dreams of starting a family. When it comes to the Czech Republic, the following considerations may help you to make the important decision whether or not this is the country for you.

Though the Czech Republic is most known for its affordability in IVF treatment, what is less known is the high quality standard of many clinics in the Central European country. In this article our IVF experts have summarized the most important facts about IVF in the Czech Republic. For more information, speak to an IVF expert in our free phone consultation or request a quote for IVF in the Czech Republic.



IVF in the Czech Republic – Facts and Figures

Why choose Czech Republic for your IVF experience?

For thousands of couples seeking IVF treatment, the Czech Republic has become a destination of choice for some of the following reasons:

  • Choice: The country boasts of many good fertility clinics: More than 30 clinics are available for IVF Treatment, not only in Prague and Brno, but also in other cities throughout the country.
  • Clinics are well regulated: Every IVF clinic in the Czech Republic must have a license from the State Institute for Drug Control, with inspections taking place at least every two years.
  • The cost is reasonable: Compared to the cost of fertility treatment in other countries, the clinics in Czech Republic provide relatively low-cost treatment.
  • Travel is easy: There are many low-cost airlines which travel to the Czech Republic so it is easy to reach the IVF Clinics.
  • The scenery is great: The exquisite scenery is an added bonus which you can enjoy as you visit the cities and relax while undergoing your treatment.
  • Communication: All the Czech IVF clinics use English, as well as catering for many other languages to ensure that patients are assisted in their native language. Over 40’s are catered for: The maximum age for receiving treatment at a Czech fertility clinic is 50 years minus one day.

What are the legal aspects of IVF in Czech Republic?

Although some of the laws regarding assisted reproduction are fairly lenient in the Czech Republic, there are the following restrictions in place:

  • Same Sex Couples and Singles: In the Czech Republic only a man and a woman in an intimate relationship are recognized as being eligible for IVF treatment. Therefore singles and same sex couples would not be able to access assisted reproduction legally.
  • Surrogacy: There is no definite legislation regarding surrogacy so it is not illegal in the Czech Republic. That being said, there are also no laws in place regarding rights of the childless couple should complications arise.
  • Birth Mother: The Czech law states that the woman who gives birth to the baby is the legal mother of the child. So this means that when an egg is donated, the birth mother then becomes the lawful mother.
  • Upper Age Limit: IVF Treatment and egg donation is available strictly up to the age of 50 years minus one day.
    Cell Donation: According to Czech law all donation of eggs and sperm must be done anonymously and voluntarily, for both the donor and the recipient. Clinics must keep donor records for 30 years.
  • Choice of Sex: In the Czech Republic it is not permitted to use IVF techniques to choose the sex of a baby, except in the case of some life-threatening genetic diseases.

As the capital city, Prague lives up to its nickname “city of 100 spires”, with colourful baroque buildings and Gothic churches. The IVF clinics are easily accessible both from the airport and if you want to do some sightseeing around the city in between your treatments. You might like to take a gentle cruise on the Vltava River, or enjoy the delightful animated hourly show of the famous Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Hall.

If you book into an IVF Clinic in Brno, you will have plenty of choices when it comes to exploring and relaxing in this delightful Czech city. Are you a fan of museums? Then you are definitely in for a treat with the Medieval Castle Museum and the Technical Museum. There are also beautiful gardens and the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul where you might like to spend some quiet moments as you process the wonder and awe of your IVF experience.

Olomouc is another good option for your medical tourism experience for assisted reproduction. This city is somewhat quieter than Prague or Brno, but just at picturesque, attractive and relaxing. Don’t miss the 6 baroque fountains and the 18th Century Holy Trinity Column which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In between your IVF clinic treatments you may like to enjoy the charming cafés of Olomouc, or browse through the bookshops and the Museum of Modern Art.

If have chosen Zlin as your IVF destination, you will be in the southeast of the country, near to Brno. During your free time you would be able to explore the city which has 13 bus and trolleybus routes. Zlin is famous for the Bata Shoe factory, and also has a Hospital and University named after Thomas Bata. If you decide to have your IVF treatment during Winter, you will be in good time to enjoy the Winter Masters of Rock Music Festival which takes place in Zlin.

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