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In-vitro-Fertilisation (IVF)

We can provide you with custom quotes from multiple IVF clinics in popular destinations across Europe, Central America and Asia.


Our experts can advise you on the legal situation regarding egg donation in different countries, and can assist you in finding the right provider.

How to find the right IVF clinic

  • Research

    Does the clinic have its own research department and medical staff with a strong academic background?

  • Technology

    What type of equipment and methods does the clinic use?

  • Care & Service

    Does the clinic have the staff and facilities to make you feel all-round comfortable?

  • Refund Programs

    What is the refund policy regarding unsuccessful cycles?

  • Success Rates

    How transparent are providers on their success rates? Are they above average?

  • Financing options

    Are financing options available that allow for payment over 6-12 months?

Experience. Care. Innovation.

Our mission is to help women and couples compare offers around the world and find the right clinic for their needs. Our team draws upon a vast network of IVF experts from around the world who have direct access to the most innovative clinics, treatments and offers.

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”I found out about Familitas´ free IVF consultation from a friend, and I haven´t stopped thanking her since!”

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“I found a great 100% refund program in Spain through my Familitas consultation. Dimitris and his team were extremely helpful throughout the process!”

Barbara L.
Why is IVF abroad so popular?

Why is IVF abroad so popular?

IVF abroad – is it a good idea? In a nutshell: for most women seeking IVF it’s a brilliant idea; thousands of people do it safely and successfully every year— but the logistics are challenging. There are a myriad of reasons why couples choose this option, some mythical, but many solidly based on the facts. Cost is the main driver...

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